Covid Response

Covid Response

Efforts and Protocols for our Reopening

We have outfitted the clinic with UVC lights, ventilation, and individual masks, hand sanitizers, PPE.
Please understand, that as your provider, I will be wearing PPE – including masks, shields, clinic uniform or disposable scrubs, gloves, etc.
There will be a number of changes and protocols.
Telephone or online Prescreening
Prior to your visit we will be in contact for pre-screening.
We ask that you verify any recent or past onset of symptoms our the CDC checklist:
• cough
• shortness of breath
• difficulty breathing
• fever
• chills
• headache
• loss of smell or taste
• muscle pain
• sore throat
• Have you had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus? (Close contact means having been within 6 feet of that person for an extended time or being exposed to their cough or sneeze.) If you have travelled from out of state, or on commercial plane we ask that we schedule no earlier than 14 days upon return, following any quarantine requirements as per the local and state health department.
Until further notice, we will not be scheduling patients confirmed with COVID, or those who have been in recent contact with a confirmed case. We offer telehealth consult for those who may benefit from herbal consultation.

Preparation/Waiting Areas

• All patients are requested to arrive alone, unless there is an interpreter or guardian required.
• We have indoor hall seating in the waiting area.
• Please arrive promptly, just minutes before your scheduled visit, so as not to allow for optimal social distancing.
• Upon entrance, non contact temperature check and pulse oximeter will be used for on-site screening.
*If we are unable to verify passing any portion of the screening, we will refer to your medical doctor or the local health department for evaluation and informed that you may proceed with acupuncture treatment until you have a negative COVID-19 test documented or are cleared by the doctor.

Treatment Areas Check-In

• Payment is preferred at time of scheduling and can be done online. Otherwise payment may occur optimally at CHECK-IN.
• You will be immediately guided to your treatment room.
• MASKS WILL REMAIN ON DURING THE DURATION OF YOUR TREATMENT. If a portion of your treatment session is facedown, you may opt to take off your mask.
• For your safety, each treatment room will be sanitized before and after your session.


In the event, you are diagnosed with an active infection we request that you immediately contact and notify us.
We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these standard guidelines.
I sincerely look forward to meeting with you again soon.